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    Camellia oil differential mode

    Date:2012年4月11日 13:36

    First, look. In the choice of tea oil must be to look at the transparency of the color of grease. Good quality of a lighter color and no precipitation, but also look at the packaging production process is the "squeeze" or "leaching", pressed oil to preserve the aroma of the oil itself, maintaining the original raw nutrients, the quality is relatively pure, The proposed purchase.

    Second, the smell. Drip one or two drops in the palm of your hand, smell the odor close friction hands fever. Good camellia oil can smell the unique tea oil taste, smell the smell of, then it shows the quality of the oil.

    Third, to taste. If the smooth texture of tea oil fragrance in the back of the throat, then basically you can rest assured! If you feel the sour taste, the coke bitter taste or odor, no doubt, must be unqualified.

    Fourth, listen. This is to teach you detect oil water exceeded. Take 2 drop of oil at the bottom of the reservoir, coated in flammable paper ignited, burning the normal no abnormal sound is a qualified products; burning is not normal and was given a "creak" sound is substandard products; burning issue "Baba" sound, then the water poisoning.



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