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    Standards lag, lack of knowledge, camellia oil industry development blocked

    Date:2012年4月11日 11:25

    The statistics show that from 2008 to 2010, camellia oil production average annual increase of 7%. Although the domestic camellia oil per year total output stabilized at about 150,000 tons, but the only edible oil market share of less than 1%. At present, the Chinese camellia oil market is still immature initial stage.

    Reporter survey found that in the 2011 Beijing International Edible Oil Industry Exposition, camellia oil industry development are being met with obstructions.

    Confusion in the market

    Health has attracted increasing attention, camellia oil sales rose steadily, becoming the fast-growing emerging oil. Relevant responsible person, Hengnan Huaguoshan Shancha Co., Ltd., said to reporters in recent years, the consumption of the domestic Shancha market annual double-digit rate increase, products all over the major supermarkets. It is understood that, camellia oil, also known as camellia seed oil, tea, unique woody oil is extracted from fresh fruits, natural, green, nutrition, healthy four woody edible oil, one, by virtue of the rich in unsaturated fatty acids other edible oil, not a lot of high-quality ingredients, known as the "Oriental olive oil. However, the plant oil of camellia oil to such health care market is a bit confused. According to the statistics show that the large and small, the tea companies in the country no less than 1000, however, most of them are simple and small processing plants, and small workshops. Because there is no new national standards, some fake tea oil will easily flow into the market.

    "Many levels of edible oil, directly from the price to determine the quality of the oil good or bad is not very rigorous, but less than $ 50 camellia oil is likely to have problems, or adulterated, or the level is low." A few days ago. "safe oil - Healthy Households" a theme for the forum, expert pain the cheap Shancha the problems.

    Insiders Huang Ming-Shin told reporters at the show site, the reason why olive oil can be recognized by consumers, with the support of industry standards and industry norms are inseparable. The camellia To progress has been made to develop new and powerful national industry standard is imminent. According to its introduction, most of China's implementation of edible vegetable oil national standards years ago for "edible plant oil plant health norms GB8955-1988". With the level of agricultural technology in China, the bio-breeding technology is the rapid development of the original vegetable oil product standards has been difficult to meet its development needs. "State should be developed for the needs of the market and the development of the industry that matches the product standards, to speed up the camellia oil industry, the strong industry standards and industry standards to prop up the camellia oil one day," said Huang Ming-good.

    Lack of knowledge

    Shang & P Consulting food industry analysts pointed out that the effect of camellia oil, but consumers camellia oil is not well understood, some consumers even camellia oil is extracted from the tea, let alone the value chain on the category sensory cognition. Reporters at the show The survey found that the vast majority of consumers lack of knowledge of camellia oil. "Camellia oil price is high, only heard that eating camellia oil on the body, in the end was good, do not know how a good law." Audience Ma aunt tells the aspirations of the majority of consumers.

    Camellia what price? Only consumer understanding, camellia oil have to be able to accept. "Huang Ming-Shin pointed out, there are many people talk about camellia oil market, but most manufacturers only for sales and sales, lack of knowledge of marketing behaviors. Value the South Huaguoshan camellia Co., Ltd. responsible person familiar with camellia oil market "leaders" brand, but a fuzzy brand image, awareness and memory is not high, the output concept is not a unified phenomenon still exists . He believes that the impact of camellia oil market development, mainly due to the core brand strategy, there is no uniform brand image, brand value chain.

    Organic camellia oil market in China in 2010-2013 Deep Research Report "released by the still & P Consulting, camellia oil is perceived more and more consumers, the market potential will be tapped. Therefore focus on the development and in-depth throughout the camellia oil industry chain has become an important strategic move. This means that the camellia oil industry in order to develop, we must strengthen the industrialization model, camellia oil production technology, accelerate new product research and development is more important is to improve the entire layout of the industry, to strengthen the resources of the industry to integrate the use of maintain a competitive advantage and potential for further development of the Chinese camellia oil industry, prompting the industry has gradually got onto the road of industrial development.

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